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We have a great variety of products to cover the demanding requirements of the automotive and construction market.


We offer total support in the manufacture of our products. We have the best price of the market. We are manufacturers. We do not have middlemen.


We offer the glass laminating, armoring, polishing and shining services, besides transportation and installation.


Speedy deliveries in five (5), we deliver your order in five (5) working days from the confirmation of the measures.



Why are we

your best OPTION!











Variety of Products

We are a factory devoted to produce laminated and armored glass, which satisfies the growing need of the architectural and automotive market.


Thanks to our qualified technique, we can supply highest quality products and services which are acknowledged in the Andean area, North America and Asia countries.



Since 1990, we have been in the improvement process to offer the best service in the market.